You and Your Child’s Behaviour

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing a few information sheets from the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program that is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Rooted Connections runs this program in house twice a year. Give us a follow on our social media channels for updates on when the program will be taking place!

A lot of the time it’s easy to sit back and examine our lives under a microscope while removing ourselves from the equation. We begin to wonder why things are the way they are or why people act the way they do. However, when it comes to our kids it’s important to always include ourselves in those reflective thoughts.

Our children are who they are because of the stage we set for them to develop their personalities. A lot of what a child learns they learn from us as caregivers, their educators, their peers and the world around them. We often can’t control what happens in the outside world but we can control what happens inside our homes!

That’s what this first tip sheet is sharing – ways we can make it easier for our children to behave well.

The second sheet has two activities, one that is a guide that can be used for building routine with your child and the other shares information on how playing the classic “Follow the Leader” game can build a strong attachment between you and your child.

Remember, our children won’t know what we expect of them unless we do our part in showing them.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Connected!

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