Successful Job Interview Practices

Facing an interview is always nerve-wracking and overwhelming, no matter you have attended hundreds of them. Preparing for an interview takes a great deal of effort. As a career practitioner, we always receive requests from job seekers for assisting them in interview preparation.

Here are some tips that I always suggest to my clients regarding interview preparation –

One of the key factors for a successful interview is knowing the company and the job requirements well. This will give you a better overview of how well do you fit in that job and boost your confidence. Also, knowing about the company or organization will help you making connection between your passion and values and the company’s mission and vision. That, in turn, guides you to tailor your answers effectively.

This is crucially important, when preparing for an interview. Rehearse your answers for common interview questions. As career practitioner, we always recommend job seekers to book a mock interview session with an employment instructor or counsellor. This helps with not only to practice answers, but also to get feedback and improve answering pattern.

If you need to book an appointment for mock interview session, please feel free to contact Rooted Connections at or call at 306 525 0521 and book appointment with an employment instructor or counsellor.

Your attire is significantly important in creating first impression at the beginning of the interview. Pay attention to your appearance. Make sure you wear neat and clean dress, which should also look professional in Canada. If you are new to Canada and unsure about the standard interview clothing, seek professional help. Dress for Success Regina is an organization provide professional attire to help women in securing employment. You can reach out to them at

Bring a copy of your resume during the interview. If you have upskilled yourself between the job application and interview, make sure you have updated your resume. You should also bring a copy of your list of references during the interview.

Body language has considerable implications in creating a positive impression toward the interviewer. A better body language will help you to put up your confidence. Here are few tips regarding positive body language that shows confidence and interest –

Confidence is the key for any successful interview. It is normal to feel nervous during an interview. To be confident, try to bring your focus down to the moment, answer the questions to your best knowledge and don’t worry too much about the result.  In addition, there are things you can do before an interview to calm your nerves; such as, take a long shower, have a cup of warm tea (herbal tea), take deep breath and think positive about yourself. You can also try these breathing techniques in the following video to stay calm during an interview –

Hopefully, these strategies will help you to stay focus and confident in your next interview.

Remember, everyone gets nervous while facing an interview. However, if you know and prepare for what and how to answer the questions, you are going to rock that interview. So, keep practicing; practice with professionals, friends, family and even in front of the mirror. Good luck for the next one.


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