Starting an Indoor Garden

With Spring well on its way, this can be a great time to start thinking about little seedlings! Below are two information sheets from Leap BC that include tips on how to introduce our little ones to the knowledge of gardening, where our food comes from and how it grows.

Food literacy plays an important role in a child’s development as food is what helps us grow and will always be a part of every human being’s life. Gardening is a fun way to teach your child about food, where it comes from and how we can grow it! It’s also a great way to keep your little ones occupied at home and help them learn responsibility. 😊

PRO TIP: A simple indoor garden can be made from items that are already in your home, such as seeds from oranges, lemons, beans or other fruits and vegetables. You can use a cardboard egg carton and grab some dirt from your local dollar store (or even outside). Experiment with your little ones as you begin this project, it’s a great opportunity to learn together!

Playing in the dirt is a great sensory experience for young children as well. There are many beneficial nutrients found in soil that our bodies need, especially children. Though dirt and mud may be messy, your child’s sense of excitement & joy makes every outdoor experience worth it.

Remember to be patient with your little ones and yourself as you both learn.

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