A New Year represents the mark of a new beginning and as such many people make resolutions for change in the coming year. For some it’s eating healthier and for others, it’s saving money. Have you ever considered the resolution to give back to your community? If so, look no further than the opportunity of being a mentor. Mentor Canada annually declares January “National Mentoring Month”. It’s a campaign to celebrate existing mentors and turn the spotlight to the importance of recruiting new mentors.

Mentorship is an intentional relationship between two people with roles of mentor and mentee. There is a wide range of mentor relationships- ‘natural’ such as between family members without the formal structure or organizational oversite, corporate or professional mentorship such as between executives and interns at a business or between older individuals and youth or children.

Research has proven the impact of mentor relationships regardless of the type. For example, there are positive implications with mental health, education levels, professional success and even poverty. It’s amazing that so much can come from one intentional relationship.

Mentors also benefit from the relationship through the gratification of giving back and seeing the outcome of their relationship. The most important attributes of a mentor are commitment and genuine motivation. If you have time to set aside to being consistent and committed to a mentee, then you are already a candidate. Mentors are not “perfect” people- they are simply people who have a desire to give back to others and are on a healthy path in their own life. Mentors are not gurus or full of infinite wisdom, rather they are able and willing to journey with someone and provide support along the way.

Are you feeling motived to mark National Mentoring Month 2021 as the year you became a mentor? Look no further! Catholic Family Services has a Youth Mentor Program and more details can be found on our website. If that opportunity is not for you, visit mentoringcanada.ca for direction on how to get connected to a mentoring program in your community.

Get ready to make a difference in 2021!


Youth Mentor Program Supervisor

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