Explaining COVID-19 to your Little Ones with a Belly Breath & A Familiar Face

Through the past couple of weeks I have come across parents struggling to explain to their children why they can’t play with their friends. A virus is a tough concept to grasp, especially because it’s invisible!

One way to open up discussion on the topic might not be a formal explanation but rather an action plan for when staying all day has your kids feeling cooped up, frustrated or worried.

Rosita from Sesame Street has a great video where she leads everyone through a simple belly breath exercise. At first, Rosita talks about how frustrated she is that she can’t play with Elmo, but by the end of the video she remembers that she can still have virtual play dates with her friend! Rosita explains that when you’re feeling nervous, angry or scared you can breath the yucky feelings away.

You can find the video here: Sesame Street: Learn to Breath with Rosita

PRO TIP: Try to monitor your child’s YouTube consumption as much as possible. Watch videos together and for videos similar to this belly breathing one, engage in the activity with your child. That way you know that your child is absorbing the material appropriately and it’s a great opportunity to bond. Plus, you might also get to relax while you belly breathe with your littles!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Connected!