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In The Newcomer Family Support Program, we have many conversations focused around the different weather patterns that are common in Saskatchewan. These conversations often progress into a discussion centered around how to drive safely during the winter months!

Here are some safe driving tips:

Saskatchewan is known for…

And is also known to have at least 5 months of this…

Snow, black ice, and freezing rain can reduce your vehicle’s tire grip. Drifting and blowing snow, fog and whiteouts, gas exhaust clouds, and frosty windows may also limit a driver’s visibility.

Here are some suggestions on items that can help to keep you safe during these winter months!

  • Snow Tires

  • Block Heater

  • Snow Brush and Scraper

  • Gas Line Antifreeze

  • Small Snow Shovel

  • Set of Traction Mats

  • Booster Cables

Before you drive, please remember to do the following…

Remember, always keep up to date with the weather forecast! Visit the Weather Network Application on your phone or tune into the local radio station for up to date information on the ever-changing weather conditions!


Alicia Deibert

Newcomer Family Support Program Support Worker

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