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This story is shared in Brittany’s words with her full permission. We thank Brittany for her courage and bravery as she shares her important and powerful story.

My name is Brittany. I would like to share my experiences with Rooted Connections, Families First, and the Young Parent Program. But first, I would really like to share what led up to my initial involvement.

A little over 2 years ago, (it is currently 2021), I was just about to leave an abusive relationship. He was physically and very mentally abusive to not just myself, but my children as well. I was in a very bad mental state, to the point I had thought about placing my kids in my parents’ care and committing suicide. He would always tell me that everything was my fault, that I was the one who needed mental help. So, out of desperation to keep being here for my children, I reached out for help. Got an appointment with a therapist and waited for the day to go.

During the therapists “first contact questions”, I broke down. I told her everything, I felt so relieved but so broken. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen, or what my kids and I would do from the outcome of what just happened. But, it got him out of my house and away from the kids and I.

Shortly after, I was connected with Families First. I was scared to have strangers come into my home and end up judging me, or the fact that I hadn’t had a chance to clean up much yet. It was nerve racking. It turned out to be the most amazing thing that would happen to me and my kids. They stuck it out with us, came out to visit so I did not have to keep loading up my young kids to go for a 20-minute meeting. They were great with my kids; to the point my kids start calling a few of the workers “Aunty.”

The parenting courses they offered were so great, so much knowledge and skills to pick up on. I have been struggling mentally from a lot that has happened in my past, they keep me balanced, help me feel like a human being who deserves to smile, do some self care, laugh and enjoy life again. They have watched me grow from sheltered and severely depressed, to open, self sufficient and happier.

I am also involved in the Young Parent Program, which I think the parent courses were through. The woman who runs the program is such a sweetheart and is so amazing. Just like the rest of the workers. She has a huge heart and goes above and beyond normal means to help a client. The YPP has done so much for my kids alone, they have their smiles back, they call the program worker “Aunty… “. They really like before covid, when other families were at the playgroups too. They had friends who they could relate with and play with. The different activities there were the different adventures, all of it. If it weren’t for all of these programs, I’m not sure where I would be.

It means so much to me that I have had these programs to support me, they are extremely knowledgeable and what they don’t know, they find out. They connect you with supports galore for every different aspect of life. They support you in your future goals, help you build a solid plan to get there. There is so much that these programs offer. I will NEVER stop supporting them.

These programs, you could go as far as to say, they saved my life. They helped me to see the good side of life again. They helped me build bonds with my children again after everything seemed ruined and unmendable. I am forever grateful and thankful to everyone who made an impact in my life as well as my kids lives.

for all you have done and continue to do, I hope so many more families benefit from these places and programs.

Now that I have come far in my healing process, I have chosen to get into schooling. I am going to school for Social Worker Professional. I am proud of myself and the future this could hold for my family and I.

Beautifully written by Brittany with permission to be shared by Jamie Ceron, Young Parent Program Coordinator/ Families First Worker

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