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Spring is upon us and the Easter Bunny is on his way.  For many of us, Easter is a time to gather with friends and family, to celebrate the hope and new life that we look forward to each spring.  Missing out on sharing this holiday with our loved ones yet again this year feels especially sad. While we had hoped that the pandemic would be over by now, we are once again asked to limit our social contacts and follow public health guidelines.

With a little bit of creativity, we can continue to celebrate this sweet holiday and create lasting memories. Here are 9 fun ways that you can celebrate Easter with your family while social distancing.

Easter decorations are naturally adorable!  Welcome spring with pretty pastel colors, vibrant spring flowers, beautiful Easter eggs, fluffy baby chicks and of course the Easter Bunny as mascot. A simple online search will bring up countless ideas to help you decorate your home, from fun DIY crafts for the kids to gorgeous table decorations for your prettiest Easter dinner yet.  You can also find lots of great ideas and budget friendly decorations for all ages at your local dollar store.

Hop to it—it’s time to decorate for Easter!

Easter egg hunts have become synonymous with Easter, especially for our children.  This activity can be done both inside or outside, weather permitting of course.  Sit back and watch the kids’ eyes light up with pure joy and excitement as they search for their treat filled Easter eggs throughout the home or yard.

Decorating Easter eggs has become a tradition for many families.  Whether you want to test your artistic abilities and try your hand at decorating Ukrainian Easter Egg, or you are looking for a more child friendly option, and for everything in between, decorating Easter eggs is a great activity for the entire family.  The possibilities are endless.

Family and friends are an important part of any holiday season, but obviously you will be limited as to who you can spend time with this year. This is another enjoyable creative activity for the whole family. Creating handmade Easter cards is a beautiful way of showing loved ones that you are thinking of them. For extra smiles, let the kids decorate their own. This activity requires a bit of preplanning to ensure that Easter cards are received in time for the holiday.

An egg race is when you walk from one point to another while balancing an egg on a spoon without dropping it—whoever gets to the finish line first wins! While the classic egg race is fun and challenging, there are lots of ways you can make the game even more entertaining. Try turning the egg race into a relay, carrying the spoon in your mouth, or using different types of eggs for an egg race you’ll never forget!

Tip – to avoid having a big mess to clean up, boil (and cool) the eggs first.

There are so many great Easter themed story books out there for the whole family.  Enjoy some extra cuddles with the little ones while sharing an Easter themed story.  Don’t have any Easter books at home? Check out your local library (online) to find some great titles.  There are also some great Easter stories read aloud on Youtube.

Involving kids in planning and preparing meals is a great way to share culture and family traditions, while also staying connected and spending quality time together.

The best Easter baking recipes for kids are usually the ones that involve some fun or unique decorations.  Keep little hands busy with one of the many kid-friendly recipes available online.

Complete with Easter themed movie and Easter treats.  Pick your family’s favourite Easter flick and curl up on the couch with your blanket and Easter snacks.  Relax together after a day filled with fun, family centered, Easter activities.

Kristen McKay

Family Support Worker

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  1. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    These are amazing ideas. Also easter hop scotch, either inddor or outdoor. Some colorful tape or normal tape for inddors. Get a little wind up bunny, see where it stops and hop to there with him/her.

    Or easter CLUE hunt. Get creative, if you have readers in the house, make some clues as to where to find all the hidden treats. They crack the clue, they find the next treat along with the next clue.

    Just for a couple extra ideas 😀

    • Yuhong
      Yuhong says:

      Amazing ideas, Brittany! These Easter-themed games will make the holiday extra “hoppy” for kids.

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